1. Design with intention.

    There is nothing worse than a solution without a problem. Identify a challenge, dig deep to really understand it (through observation and conversation), then start working toward a solution. Good design is rooted in purpose.

  2. Users are people, too.

    From enterprise to consumer products, your user is a person; treat them as such. People enjoy simplicity, delight, and immediate satisfaction. Give the people what they want (while solving for what they need 😉)!

  3. The Devil is in the details.

    Literally. Like a Seurat painting, each pixel is important, but you can’t lose sight of the big picture. 

  4. Be flexible!

    Adapt to your users, the market, and evolving technologies & platforms. No design should be set in stone. There is always, always room for improvement.

  5. Keep it fresh. Keep it clean.

    Convey your message as simply as possible. There’s no need for unnecessary complexity.